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What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?


As a qualified and registered psychotherapist and counsellor, I believe that both therapy and counselling, provide the time and space to share concerns about aspects of yourself and your life which you wish to explore and gain an insight on.

I see counselling as a shorter term process, usually with a specific focus on an issue, concern or area in your life you wish to explore.

Psychotherapy works at a greater depth enabling you to explore and grow your own awareness around possible patterns in the way you relate towards yourself and others and how these might be impacting you, your life and those around you.

Developing self awareness is a key aspect in making long term changes in the choices you make on how you live your life and how you support yourself with the challenges that life might bring.

Where and how is the environment where the therapy sessions take place?

I offer a safe space where you can feel comfortable to share confidentially the concerns or express any aspects, which you wish to explore.  I work from a private practice which offers privacy and discretion.

I have a compassionate and non judgemental approach and I believe talking to someone who is outside your situation can support you to explore what is happening for you through a different angle and i can help you to see things more clearly and find ways to make new choices.

Building a relationship between you and the therapist is very important, so you need to work with someone you feel comfortable and connected with. For this reason, I would meet with you for an initial session giving you the chance to meet me and to see whether myself and the level of support I can offer is right for you.

What type of therapy and counselling do I offer?

There are many different types of counselling and psychotherapy including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), TA (transitional analysis), Integrative amongst others. ~Please see links below for further information:

Although the aims are similar, there are slight differences in how we approach our work.

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and counsellor.  Gestalt therapy is a fully integrative approach, which takes into account the whole person. It combines a focus and exploration of your thoughts and beliefs, your feelings, your physical responses and your behaviour. The focus is on you, but as a Gestalt practitioner, I see the process of therapy as a two way interactive process where I am part of our dialogue. If it seems useful and appropriate I will offer my own thoughts, feelings and reactions as they emerge in the context of our relationship.

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